Dr. med. Arne Peine, MHBA

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Arne Peine is a medical doctor and the Chief Executive Officer of the Clinomic GmbH. He is pursuing a fellowship in Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen and has completed a Master’s degree in Health Business Administration at the University of Nuremberg-Erlangen. His main research focus is the analysis and acquisition of electronic health data records in context of critical care medicine and telemedicine. His efforts are part of the national research initiative „Telemedical, intersectoral network as a new health structure to improve local healthcare“ (TELnet@NRW). Supported by the national innovation fund of the German Joint Government Committee, the project establishes a local telemedical infrastructure for consulting in Intensive Care Medicine. In the project, he develops tools to support clinical decision making during daily telemedical roundings. In another project Dr. Peine hast developed innovative method of health data workflow support using computer vision and optical character recognition technology, rapidly enhancing the time to telemedical diagnosis in rural hospitals and consequently influencing patient outcomes.